Watch the video to understand the basic concept behind the CloserCommutes tactic – one of over a dozen tactics that employers can integrate into their policies and procedures to make their operations more productive and profitable.


Once the employer’s HR professionals are given authority and responsibility for making “best efforts” to implement commute reducing/greening strategies, the employer:

1. Conducts a baseline audit [of the “commuting burden”]
This is not difficult or onerous. Our simple, free excel spreadsheet template with GoogleMaps dynamic links requires only postal codes of employees’ commute start and employer’s workplaces. To have a more comprehensive audit, the employer gathers employees’ home & work address, mode(s) of travel, start & finish time, job/position; then uses GoogleMaps links to tally VKT, CO2e, mode options, etc. 


2. Identifies & offers peer swaps
These swaps will be voluntary one-for-one location trades
 [same job, same pay, same benefits, same pension]. This process is also simple. We provide how-to instructions and white-labelled bulletin board if wanted.


3. Considers home-worksite proximity for assigning new hires & for internal transfers
Our interviews reveal no employers are doing this. For employers such as banks that have high staff turnover, assigning new hires to close worksites can significantly improve retention and productivity.


4. Considers other improving/greening strategies
There are many “commute trip reduction” strategies that work synergistically with closercommutes, such as subsidized transit passes, carpooling, bike storage, telecommuting (home or satellite), altering schedules, EV charging stations, etc. Toolkits have 
already been developed to assist employers in offering these strategies.


5. Repeats the audit annually and reports to MECCS [Climate Change Secretariat] or OH&S agency [WorkSafe BC].
The employer submits the audit final numbers each year to the Climate Change Secretariat website or when doing other WorkSafe BC reporting requirements.



10,000 closer commutes for BC

Thousands of BC citizens are urging the BC Government to expedite the roll-out of this proven program. The “powers that be” need to hear that you are expecting prompt action.

It is possible to cut commuting traffic by over 5% within 18 months. Imagine how life will be improved for everyone when so much needless commuting is eliminated.

Commute trip reduction tactics are straightforward for employers to implement – it actually saves the employer money on HR expenses and boosts productivity. 

If you haven’t already, please sign the petition and share it. Thanks!

Closer commutes are good for business, the community and the environment.
Closer commutes are good for business, the community and the environment.

Managers and Human Resources Professionals can go to for research and HR toolkit.

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