Over 125 signers; meeting booked with Minister of Transportation
There is hope for all you BC long commuters. 10,000 closer commutes are coming soon.

Over 125 signers; meeting booked with Minister of Transportation

Thank you all for signing on! We are over 125 signers and more are joining every day. If each of you could recruit 5 others please, we will soon be past 750 and on our way to 1,000. Surely you have 5 friends and colleagues who share our goal of less waste of time, money and resources …

We have secured a meeting with Hon. Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure, for April 24th. We will be explaining the Closer Commutes concept and presenting the science behind our analyses. Our aim is to convince Minister Trevena and fellow Ministers to champion a WorkSafeBC regulation through Cabinet – identifying long employee commutes as an occupational health & safety matter. This will require all employers to make sincere efforts to reduce unnecessary long employee commutes. With this regulation in place, we expect over 10,000 people will be offered closer commutes within a year, and tens of thousands more in subsequent years.

It will be important to have a large number of signers by that meeting on the 24th – to clearly demonstrate how the public is expecting prompt action on reducing commuting. Please spread the word!

By the way, word is spreading outside BC. We have interest from planners in other cities, and people have signed to support our initiative from other provinces, Europe, several US states and even a few from Asia. So you can see how important it is to recruit more signers, set an example in BC and then have closer commutes happening in cities around the world.

We won’t stop until we have that Cabinet regulation. Do you have any connections in high places – government or private sector? Contacts in the media who will run with this story? Please contact us through bruce.batchelor@gmail.com. Onward!

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