Commute Trip Reduction program proposed for B.C.

Commute trip reduction program for B.C. briefing note Trip Reduction program briefing note.pdf

“Commute trip Reduction Initiatives: Implementing Efficiencies in Transportation for a Greener Future” – A report by University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre Clinic

Workplan for creating support system and implementing BC CTR plus for BC CTR plus.pdf

Overview of research and recommendations – BC public school system of research and recommendations – BC public school system.pdf

Mandatory vs optional participation in CTR? A quick comparison vs optional participation in CTR.pdf

List of key informants surveyed informants Aug 05 2020.pdf

“Effects of Long Commutes: an annotated bibliography” PDF 21 Feb 2019.pdf

Letter of support (B.C. health system) – Barb Lawrie to support working closer to home.pdf

Letter of support (Public health perspective) – Dr. Trevor Hancock of support for CTR, 9 Sept 2020-Hancock.pdf

Letter of support (public school system) – Dave Pitre of Support for Reduced Commuter Trips – Pitre.pdf

Paper on B.C. research and development inĀ  Journal of Transportation Demand Management Research journal paper_19June2020_v9c2.pdf

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