The directors of Metro Vancouver (city mayors and councillors) have unanimously called for the BC Government to introduce a province-wide trip reduction program (TRP4BC) requiring all large employers and major trip generators to take action to reduce and green their employees’ commuting, clientele travel and local shipping & delivery

TRP4BC will reduce unnecessary, unwanted and unfair commuting and other vehicular travel, and boost biking, walking and transit use – which is required to reach CleanBC’s Roadmap to 2030 targets. HOW that TRP4BC will operate is pioneering – based on world-leading research and development.

Our consortium’s research and analyses show that within a year tens of thousands of people in BC could be enjoying closer commutes. Through simple, little-to-no-cost actions by employers we can quickly eliminate 10% of all commuting miles traveled across our province’s urban areas – relieving congestion, pollution and cost for everyone. 

The modest budget for Government to support and administer TRP4BC will be dwarfed by the hundreds of millions in benefits to commuters, their families, employers, the economy and the environment.

Transportation accounts for almost 40% of BC’s carbon emissions. If BC is to meet its carbon reduction goals, bold action in transportation is required. We simply must improve efficiency. This trip reduction initiative is designed to encourage a culture of sustainability that will mobilize every BC citizen to take positive actions small and large, to increase efficiency at home and at work. Together we can ensure sustainability of BC’s economy, environment and quality of life.

To see the extensive research and development behind this proposal to Government, check out the “How” page.

Want more info? We have research project materials for university and college courses in transportation, sustainability, urban planning, etc. Contact our research team at closecommute@gmail.com or bruce.batchelor@gmail.com

Are you sitting in traffic gridlock for hours each week? 

Our analysis of StatisticsCanada data shows that within a year over 10,000 people in Vancouver and Victoria could be offered closer commutes simply by switching to work places closer to their homes – same job and employer, same pay and benefits, with a shorter, less expensive, greener commute. Accepting a transfer would be voluntary, but why would anyone turn down this opportunity?

Imagine how life will be improved for so many people when so much needless commuting is eliminated. Trip reduction tactics are straightforward for employers to implement – and are proven to save the employer money on HR expenses and to boost productivity

The biggest barrier is overcoming organizational and regulatory inertia – which you can help overcome by signing the petition to then-Premier John Horgan and the current Premier David Eby.

Please sign the petition today. Then share with your co-workers, family, neighbours – everyone you know. Let’s blow this up and get to tens of thousands of signatures… so we can expect to experience closer, more active, more affordable commutes soon.

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