There is a plan afoot that within a year 10,000 people in Vancouver and Victoria could be offered closer commutes. We can eliminate over 5% of all commuting miles traveled across Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria – relieving congestion for everyone. There will be very little cost to roll this out, with huge benefits to commuters, their families, employers, the economy and the environment.

Tell the Premier and other politicians you support this happening! Sign the petition to insist that the BC Government expedites implementation of the “Closer Commutes” strategy.

Sitting in traffic gridlock for hours each week? Want a closer commute? Same job, same pay, same seniority – but at a much closer worksite? Closer commutes can be offered to teachers, bank employees, nurses and other health care professionals, firefighters, retail chain store associates, chain restaurant staff, laundry workers, police, IT techs, etc. – anyone working for a multi-worksite employer and who wants to switch to a closer location. There is a reasonable expectation that within a year 10,000 people in Vancouver and Victoria could be offered closer commutes through switching to work places closer to their homes.

By signing this petition, you are directly asking the Government to expedite the roll-out of this proven program. The “powers that be” need to hear that you are expecting prompt action:

  1. a pilot project involving 3 adjacent school districts this summer
  2. other pilots with a bank and a credit union this summer
  3. region-wide roll-out beginning in late 2018 /early 2019.

Imagine how life will be improved for everyone when so much needless commuting is eliminated. The “Closer Commutes” strategy is straightforward for major employers to implement – proven to save the employer money on HR expenses and boost productivity. So the only real barrier is bureaucratic inertia – which you can help overcome by signing the petition.

Please sign the petition today. Then share with your co-workers, family, neighbours – everyone you know. Let’s blow this up and get to tens of thousands of signatures… so we can expect to see the first closer commutes offered by this autumn.


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